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    Report editor multiple text objects

    Roland Raijmakers

      I'v made a Qlikview sheet with multiple text objects, multiple lines etc.


      Is it possible to group these text objects and lines in a 'grouped object' to drag the grouped object to a single report page (with the Report Editor).


      I now have following problems when I drag text objects and lines in to a report page:

      - Text object formatting is discarded in the Report. (I lose Caption, and background, font styling.)

      - Lines are totally discarded.

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          Marcus Sommer

          The report-editor is quite limited and you will need some extra objects to replace the titles or listboxes or statusbox or a calendar-object and so on. The easiest way is most to create an extra (maybe hidden) print-sheet which is quite similar to the wanted look and feel from the report and drag them all at the same time (maybe seleccted with a lasso-selection) into the report and then adjusting the position and size for each object per element-menu (do not use the mouse for this). The work could be take some time and be quite painful but it's possible to build sufficient reports.


          More quality and ease in use will you get by using a tool like: Qlik NPrinting.


          - Marcus