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    Editing a Connection in Data Manager

    Remi Guillemette

      Hi,  I have an ODBC connection created in my App. I am using Data Manager (i.e. not the Data Load Editor) in Qlik Sense Desktop. I need to change a configuration setting for that connection (as it no longer works, something has changed at the source end), but I cannot seem to find a way to edit that connection. In Data Load Editor, the edit button is greyed out with a lock icon ('Locked to Read Only'). In Data Manager,I  can't see a button/menu to edit connection.




      Message was edited by: Remi Guillemette I have just had a similar problem with a Saleforce Connection, but for that one, it did let me edit the connection in Data Loader mode (even though I am using Data Manager, i.e. autogenerated load script). Maybe I will try avoiding ODBC; I just found out I can use OLE DB to connect to SQL database instead, and it is direct (i.e. no need to setup ODBC in windows operating sytem),