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    Expression editor: set analysis on two dimensions within a variable

      Hi all,


      Our dashboard makes use of the variable vFormatNumberDec with the definition:

      Dual(Num(ROUND($1)/Pow(10,3*$(vSize($1))),only(CurrencySymbol)&' ###')&' '&Pick($(vSize($1)),'k','M','B','T'),$1)

      The variable vSize is defined by: Div(Log10(FABS($1)),3)


      Which adds a currency sign (dimension CurrencySymbol) and a scale name (k/M/B/T) dependent on the size of the number.

      An example:



      sum({<OCFColumnName1=>}-[Fact: Financial] * Flag_ROLL * Flag_Direct_Costs * Flag_Has_Actuals)

      with the result: € 2.31 B.


      The above example makes us of a set analysis with a single dimension.


      But it gives errors when we use multiple dimensions like:


      SUM({<Region=, RegionCountry=, Worldview=>} [Fact: Financial] * [Flag_Revenue] * [Flag_ACT] * [Flag_Has_Actuals])


      Does anybody have a soloution for our problem?