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    Current Month KPI Tiles is not changing

    Mohammad Sarif

      Hi All,

      I have two Single KPI tiles in my dashboard.

      The expression is below:

      MTTR Current Month: Sum({$<Req_state={3},Month_Year_Opened={'$(=$(MaxMonth))'}>}[Duration])*1440/Count({$<Req_state={3},Month_Year_Opened={'$(=$(MaxMonth))'}>}Req_number)


      MTTR Rolling 24:

      Sum({$<Req_state={3},Month_Year_Opened ={">=$(=Date(AddMonths($(MaxMonth), -24), 'YYYY-MMM'))<=$(=Date(AddMonths($(MaxMonth), -1),  'YYYY-MMM'))"}>} Duration)*1440/Count({$<Req_state={3},Month_Year_Opened ={">=$(=Date(AddMonths($(MaxMonth), -24), 'YYYY-MMM'))<=$(=Date(AddMonths($(MaxMonth), -1),  'YYYY-MMM'))"}>} Req_number)


      Below is the Script for Variable:




        Date(MonthStart(Today(),-RowNo()+1), 'YYYY-MMM') as Prior_Months


      AutoGenerate 26;


      Set MaxMonth=Max([Prior_Months]);


      But when I am selecting value for Month_Year_Opened filter. MTTR Rolling is showing data for the selected Month only and MTTR current Month is showing Blank.


      However MTTR Current Month show data for current Month and MTTR Rolling should show value for last 24 months from selected Month.


      Please help.