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    Help on Calculated Dimension

    Leni Balakrishnan

      Hi All,

      I have a requirement explained as below,

      In my table I have columns like ID and Code and using this code I have created two calculated dimensions as below,


      Load ID,

           If(Match(Code,'A','B'),Code) as 'AB',

           If(Code='C',Code) as 'C'

      From table.qvd(qvd);


      Now I am getting result as

      ID                   AB          C

      123456          Code1        -

      123456          -               Code2

      123456          -                 -


      Multiple rows for a single ID. But I would like to get a single row for a ID as below,

      ID                    AB          C

      123456          Code1        Code2


      Can anyone help me to implement the same?


      Thanks in advance.



      Leni Balakrishnan