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    Always looking for small/short term / ad-hoc projects

    Adam Davies

      Hi All,


      I have my own company for consultancy and am always on the lookout for small ad-hoc projects which can be undertaken remotely during evenings and weekends. I do also get blank periods in my diary where I can undertake any consultancy anywhere in the UK or Europe.


      Excellent knowledge of SQL including programming with stored procedures with cursors, CTEs Loops etc

      Significant problem-solving experience for a range of customers by providing remote support services as well as via this forum

      7 Years of Qlikview development and maintenance experience from server builds to front end design. Also including bespoke visual development with Javascript.

      Developing from & combining a wide range of data sources (SQL, Excel, visualfox, txt) and types (Financial, HR, manufacturing, time analysis)

      Training of both super and end users, writing training courses

      Experience working at a senior level within an organisation

      Ability to learn and understand new systems very quickly, key in Qlikview development

      Financial degree & background & ACCA fellow, provide excellent financial knowledge