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      I have a variable T representing a time. This variable is store in the original data as numeric like this :

      829, 1200, 1659, 2355

      829 means 8H 29 minutes

      1200 means noon

      I'd like to transform my variable in a new one which I could use as really time variable (hh:mm) to do some laps calculation.

      Thanks in advance for any help










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          Michael Solomovich

          This will work:




          time(time#(num(YourTimeField, '0000'), 'hhmm'))

          The part num(YourTimeField, '0000') make all values 4-digits long. The time#() "explains" the format. Function time() converts to "noraml" format.

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              Chris Hopkins

              Hi Michael,

              I have the same issue, My times are displayed as numbers, but mine include seconds, so they are a maximum of 6 numbers long. I assume i just add two extro zeros in the example you gave.



              time(time#(num(TransStartTime, '000000'), 'hhmmss')) ,

              But how would i write this into my script?


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              You could divide your time in seconds by 86400 (total number of seconds in one day) then display as time/timestamp format in the "number" tab