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    reload task

    Robert Winkel

      Is it possible to have an APP reload every 30 seconds?

      If not what is the smallest amount of time?


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          Mark Ritter

          Why would you want to do that? 


          Also, how long does the reload take?  If it takes longer than 30 seconds to reload then you couldn't even schedule them this often.

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              Robert Winkel

              I am with you on that, I was good with every five minutes but the management said every 30 seconds.

              It is a small data grab, but I talked them to a minute so I am hoping to leave it at that.

              But thank you for your response.  I will also share your input with management.

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              Michael Tarallo

              Hi Robert,


              Thanks for your question.


              I agree with Mark. What is the use case? There may be a better way to achieve what you want to do.


              Unfortunately you cannot do that with Qlik Sense out of the box. You would need to use the APIs most likely and create a custom solution. Others if applicable have also used qlikview.exe in batch with a 3rd party scheduler. (but those have QlikView in house)


              If you are interested - checkout this discussion: Real-Time Data Processing



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              Mike Tarallo