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    Twitter API - REST Connector

      Hi Guys,


      I'm working with qlik and trying to connect to the twitter API through qlik sense REST connector. I am facing some problem connecting to the API. I watched the video - Connecting to Twitter using Qlik REST Connector - YouTube


      It was pretty helpful but it uses twitter's REST API console tool, which doesn't exist now, so as a replacement I used apigee's twitter console, which work in an exact same way.


      I got all the information as mentioned in the email, and followed all the step and got connected with by first query, but as soon as I updated my query to some other word. The connection broke for some odd reason. Basically the authentication provided by console only works with one particular query. So I can assume the authentication keys created by apigee console tools are temporary and are for a particular query.


      So now I'm stuck at this point, I have my twitter developer account thus have access to my all the acces tokens and keys required to connect. I have even used them quite efficiently while creating an app with PHP on net-beans, but being new to qlik I'm not sure how to use them in the REST connector. I know they should go in query header but how.


      So I will really appreciate if someone can guide me how can I connect to twitter REST API through qlik.


      PS: I'm trying to use search method of twitter api.