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    Problem loading QlikSense Example Widget Library

    danelle hee

      I'm working in QlikSense Desktop and am trying to import the QlikSense example widget library. I completed the following instructions:

      Importing the example widgets

      Do the following:

      1. Use your file explorer to browse to the folder containing the widget library example files.For Qlik Sense Desktop, these are located at C:\Users\[User]\Documents\Qlik\Examples\Extensions\widget-examples.For Qlik Sense Enterprise, C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Examples\widget-examples.Select the folder contents and create the zip file widget-examples.zip
      2. Launch Dev Hub. From the hub in Qlik Sense or Qlik Sense Desktop, click Dev HubÂ.The Dev Hub start page is displayed in your browser window.
      3. At the top-right of the Dev Hub start page, click ú and select «Import widget library. Browse to the folder where you created the file widget-examples.zip and click Open.The example widget library is then imported. The widget library was successfully imported is displayed when completed.
      4. Click on the icon for widget-examples to open it in the Widget editor.

      But, when I try to open the file 'widget-example', I get the following error message:

      "An Error Occured"

      An Error occurred and the widget library was not imported.

      Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a solution?

      Thank you.