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    time calcs

    Josephinet Tedesco

      Hi All

      I have an sql view only of the data which I import.

      the data comes as




      4:12:00 PM


      10:46:00 AM


      Expected Duration

      430 M


      I want to Time2 -Time1

      then I want to compare Time2 - Time1 (in Minutes) from the Expected Duration - so [Expected Duration] - (Time2 - Time1)


      I have used the following statements in load to delete the M in 430 M:

      Keepchar(ScheduledDuration,'1234567890') as SchedDurationMins,    this actually gives me the number 430


      To get the difference from Time2 - Time 1 I uses this when loaded

        (time(Time2) - time(Time)) as DurationDiff,   (however DurationDiff comes as a 0.226389 which I can then multiply by 24 *60  = 326


      and it worked!!!


      so just asking for helped worked - thank you all