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    Qlik Sense Desktop 3.1.1 js extension to call an exe file



      I'm using Qlik Sense Desktop 3.1.1...

      I have downloaded the Export button extension here : GitHub - stefanwalther/sense-export: Just a simple button to export data in your Qlik Sense applications.


      Today, when i click on the export button, it creates a csv with 2 columns : people ID and people name.

      The csv is downloaded by Qlik Sense embedded chromium browser as any internet download.


      This extension is very nice but i would like to call an exe when i click on the export button to give to that exe a list of people IDs from the csv file...


      How can i call an exe stored somewhere on the local computer (i'm not using Qlik Sense Server) from the javascript code of the extension ?

      Does the javascript code on the client side can call a custom node method on the server to run an exe on the server side ?



      Thanks a lot