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    Multiple Bars on stacked bar graph


      Hello All

      I hope you can help with this,

      I have built a stacked Bar graph to show the percentage of gender in my dataset. I have three options (male, female, unknown), using expression for each gender:

      (count ({$*<gender={"male"}>} gender))/count (gender) (repeated with female and unknown as separate expressions)

      And the stacked option on the presentation graph. I have made two selections on my data set; company name and SICode.

      I wish to put a comparison bar next to the one I have created to disregard the selection for Company name and have come up with the following expression:

      Count ({$<CompanyName=,gender={"Male"}>}gender)/Count ({$<CompanyName=>}gender) (again repeated for female and unknown)

      I can't however get them in a stacked format on the same graph.

      I can get 6 bars on the graph (one for each variable). If I use the Dimension Gender It will put male female on the Y axis and not in the legend (and there fore not stacked ) in the way I require.

      I would be very grateful if some one could help me with this query