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    Qlik Sense - Select only a maximum date for a given record

      I have seen a few previous posts regarding this topic, but I have been unable to find the solution for my seemingly simple problem.


      I have a connection to a database table which contains a salary history for employees within the organization. For this particular visualization table, I would like to see only the maximum pay change date, and the associated Employee ID and Salary.


      For example:


      Employee Number     Start Date                    Salary

      1                              01/01/2001                   10

      1                              01/01/2002                   15

      1                              01/01/2003                    20


      What set expression would allow this table to only display the most recent row?


      The following did not work, as the table still displayed the multiple rows per employee:


      max(aggr(only("Start Date"), "Employee Number"))

      AGGR(Max("Start Date"),"Employee Number"))