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    Select in Field Macro

    Cassadi Myers

      I am a new user of Qlikview. I am not familiar with Macros in this program. I have a multiple tab report based on service requests and the activities per Service request.

      A service request will have a responsible group. The activity could have the same responsible group or not.

      When clicking thought the report the responsible group is always the SR group. The last couple of tabs are reports on the Activities.

      I need to clear the selected group from the other page and select the group for the activities.

      The field name for SR' s is SR_spec_Group and the field name for the Activity's is ACT_spec_group.

      Both of these fields have the same values. I am trying to build a macro that holds the value of the SR Spec group and selects that value in the Activity spec group.

      Any ideas would be of great value.



        • Select in Field Macro

          Try to avoid using macro. In QV there is a pretty flexible mechanism for triggering specific action according to current activity. In you case I can suggest to use triggers on Sheets.

          1. Right click on any free space on specific sheet and select Properties from context menu.

          2. Go to Triggers Tab.

          3. Click Add Action(s) button for OnActiveSheet event trigger

          4. Click Add button

          5. Select ActionType = Selection and Action=Select in Field

          6. Ok

          7. Type a Field name and Search string for appropriate data selection

          If you want to work with variables there is another Action Type for this. Play with it and your application will have great performance.

            • Select in Field Macro
              Cassadi Myers

              I have actually tried that trigger. The Macro or variable part is where I get stuck.

              What I want is a variable to pick up the spec group from the previouse tabs and select that same group out of the list on the activity page.

              What is happening is that the SR Spec group is being pulled into the Activity tabs and messing with the data. Right now my only option is to set a trigger to clear the spec group and have them reselect it.