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    Scheduled Reload not executing

    Dermot McNamara



      I'm trying to set up a scheduled reload for a (any) QVW on the QlikView server. I'm using QV Server v12 with no publisher and setting up the scheduled reload through the Reload tab in documents in the QlikView Management Console.


      The task is created via the Reload tab and appears under Tasks with the Waiting status however it doesn't execute... I've tried scheduling reloads for a couple other QVWs with different schedules i.e. hourly, daily and I get the same outcome - still waiting!

      I see the task is under the QDS service, but publisher isn't installed. Would this be causing an issue?



      There is no task log or history as the task never gets executed/started.


      (To give further context, originally the reload tab wasn't showing up when I selected documents under 'User Documents' so I followed the solution in this thread Can't see reload option in qmc documents tab and this solved the problem in terms of showing the reload tab. This may have a knock on effect?)


      Is it an issue with the task setup under the QDS service?

      Maybe I'm overlooking something straight forward?

      Are there any more settings I need to apply to get the QVW to execute the scheduled reload?


      I've searched the community for solutions but I haven't managed to resolve it yet. Can anyone offer any advise or experienced this before? Any help would be much appreciated.