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    Cell height is not adjusting / text not wrapping in Excel template in NPrinting

      Hello Colleagues,


      I hope you can help me!  I've been struggling and have hit a wall.



      1. Excel Template in NPrinting

      2. Export straight table with one of the field/column having lots of text

      3. All text needs to show when we preview/run template.

      4.  Column has fixed width, thus all the text has to wrap within the confines of column and cell height to expand to fit entire text.



      1.  Upon preview/run, cell height remains intact and we see only part of the text, which is unacceptable.


      Tried with no success:

      1. Uncheck "Keep Fromatting"

      2. Wrap in Excel and Wrap in table setting checked

      3. Cell height increased in Excel, manually and or fix

      4. cell autofit


      Version info:

      1. Excel - Microsfot Office Professional Edition 2010

      2. NPrinting - SR4


      Thank you in advance!!