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    Creating a list from Variables in Set Analysis

    Mike Lutomski

      I am trying to use multiple variables to limit a single dimension in Set Analysis for a master measure.


      I am using the below script in a Chart with "Business Unit" & "Quarter-Year" as a dimension, and it's not working.


      Quarter-Year = {$(Variable_1),$(Variable_2),$(Variable_3)}


      Since "Quarter-Year" is a text field, I can't use a range such as {">=$(=$(Variable_1))<=$(=$(Variable_3))"}, either.


      Would this work better as an OR, or is there another way to write this?


      Should I create new fields in the Data Model to replace the Variables?


      I initially tried using the following, but it breaks my Color By Expression for the Business Units:


      [Summary Date]={'>=$(=date(QuarterStart(AddMonths(Max([Summary Date]),-11))))<=$(=Max([Summary Date]))'}


      Here is my Color By Expression script:


      RGB(Subfield([Summary_BUColor],',',1), Subfield([Summary_BUColor],',',2), Subfield([Summary_BUColor],',',3))


      Suggestions to make any of the above work would be appreciated.