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    Creating Mashups or API objects in Qlik Sense

      Hi All,


      I am looking into an option to create a mashup in Qlik sense for pulling together top 2-3 metrics created in multiple Qlik Dashboards.  I am planning to have a Mash-up created on the Qlik sense server and would like to understand couple of things:

      1. If the Qlik Apps that I use to drop the objects into Mash-up have filters and values of the objects on the Qlik Apps change based on the filter selection on the Apps then what would be the value of the object in the Mash-up?  We have the Qlik sense Apps on server 3.0.1 and several users access the Apps.
      2. Is it possible to put filters into the Mash-up and have the values change for the Mash-up object itself? Would that be out of an App or can built into the Mash-up itself?
      3. Can i create a hyperlink in mashup itself that would take the user to another Qlik App or webpage

      Can someone please point me to some help documents or discussions on API objects/Masups?


      I would appreciate help that anyone can provide on this topic.


      Thanks and Regards,