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    Merge dims on multiple rows on single row in straight table

    Aravind Sasidharan



      I am having a bit of trouble merging multiple attributes linked to a fact table into a single row. Any help would be greatly appreciated  


      Here is the data model.



      There are multiple roles/people associated with every project. Some of these people are internal users and others are external users.


      This is the desired o/p


      For every project we want to merge the multiple roles into a single row in a straight table.


      I tried playing around with  Aggr() function e.g. Aggr(MaxString({<ROLE={'Client'}>} ORG_NAME), ORG_NAME)

      but it doesn't work when all the fields are added. I am definitely missing something but don't know how to proceed.


      The sample app is attached. Can someone please suggest a possible approach?


      Thanks in advance!