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    Getting Crazy with Cycle Join


      I've a classic problem that is getting me crazy. (even if it seems easy to solve...)

      Scenario :

      1) I've Invoice Header table and Invoice Position table

      2) I've Sales Order Header table and Sales Order Position table

      3) I've some customer/item/Calendar master table

      What we need it's just to have per day/area the invoice and Order

      I've problem 'cause to relate the master table to the data (fact) table (Invoice and Order) I always have problem with the cycle join loop as in the below image. (I just included some of the table to give u an example)


      error loading image


      Which is the best practice in this situation ?

      1) Creating a single dimension table with all the customer/item/Calendar data ?! Not so easy

      2) Creating one single Fact table ? I don't think so...


      Please let me know your suggestion