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    Employee clocking visualization

    Philip Li

      I have a table of employee daily clocking record.

      The table is like below. There is a column for employee ID, a column for clocking time and a column for clocking activity.

      I plan to visualize these record to show a summary of all employee activities within a day with chart similar to below:

      different colours stand for different activities.


      How should I approach this in Qlik sense?


      B00246/16/2016 8:161001
      B02746/16/2016 8:191001
      B03286/16/2016 8:201001
      B02746/16/2016 9:263001
      B02746/16/2016 9:271001
      B02746/16/2016 9:513001
      B02746/16/2016 10:181001
      B00816/16/2016 10:593001
      B00816/16/2016 11:001001
      B02746/16/2016 11:458015
      B00326/16/2016 11:491001
      B00816/16/2016 12:063001
      B00326/16/2016 12:123001
      B02746/16/2016 12:183001
      B02106/16/2016 13:291001
      B03006/16/2016 13:441001
      B02436/16/2016 13:521001