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    Loading Data for last 5 Months

    Mohammad Sarif

      Hi All,

      I have a qvd with all records from source. I want to restrict data loading for last 5 month on basis of sys_created_on present in QVD and source.

      We have a generic Month table called Last_Month.



      Date(MonthStart(Today(),-RowNo()+1), 'YYYY-MMM') as Prior_Months


        AutoGenerate 26;


      then variable ::  Set v2=Date(addmonths($(v1), -5), 'YYYY-MMM');


      And in where clause in loading script is like below:

      FROM [lib://IT Standard Metrics/QVD\Request_Result_QVD.qvd]


      where Date( MonthStart( sys_created_on ), 'YYYY-MMM') >= '$(=$(v2))';

      But it is loading all records from QVD. However if I use hardcoding as 2016-May instead of variable, it is working fine.

      Any clue?