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    Section access problem

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to implement section access for the first time. Please help.


      I have tables with below structure



      ADMIN    A

      USER     B

      USER    C

      USER   D



      Column1 Column2

      Value1     Value1

      Value2    Value2




      A               Column1    Value1

      B              <nulll>         <null>

      C              Column2     Value1

      D              Column1     Value2



      I'm trying to reduce data based on attributevalue.

      1. Reduce different  columns for different users.

      2. User with attribute data  as null should see everything.



      Please help.





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          Isabelle Timmermans

          I think that the reduction is missing. Your script doesn't say what a specific user can't see.


          We use Section Acces on de customerID. So we put CustumorID in the reduction.


          section access;


          LOAD * inline [


          ADMIN, <Servername>\ADMIN,*

          USER, <Servername>\Cust1,123456




          section application;


          Servername as in the adress where you open the hub/qmc.


          This code is in the first section after the parameters. After this my application load start.

          * means see everything.

          In your case you can put the UserID in Reduction.

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            Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

            The ADMIN will see all data and user will see only USER data.

            I don't understand why you using 2 different XL files?

            I Used Sheet 2 in XL file, I edited it.


            Usually the SA script should be


            STAR is *;
            SECTION Access;



            where 1=1;
            LOAD * INLINE [
            SECTION Application;


            And this will work if we want to reduce it by a field but in your case your data doesn't seem right.