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    How to create a job in QMC

    sandip Ghosh


      I have a QVD generator QVF file(QlikSense) and I want to create Job to scheduling data extract from source. Can any one give some help with proper screenshots for scheduling job at QMC? I need this help very urgently.




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          1. Go to QMC,

          2. select task,

          3. create new task

          Follw by screenshots

          qmc task.pngqmc task1.png

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            Mark Ritter

            Open the QMC.

            Click on Tasks from menu.

            Click on Create New at the bottom of window.

            Give Task a meaningful name.

            Tell it which app you want to run.

            Then go down and click on Actions and pick the trigger you want to kick off this task (Create new hourly trigger, create new daily trigger, etc.)

            When completed you will see in the list of tasks.

            You can wait for scheduled time to kick off.

            Or you can click on Start after highlighting the task to run it now.


            If you don't want to create a task you can go to Apps.

            Click on More Actions button at bottom and choose Load Now.  A task will be created for you and it will start immediately.