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    EDX unauthorized client

    Matthijs Spruijt

      Hi all,


      We are trying to run a QVW with the EDX tool on QlikView12 SR5. We run the EDX on server 008 but the documents are on 009.


      I am able to start the QMSEDX.exe with this command with user A, but user B (same rights, same usergroups (also QlikView EDX) etc.) is not allowed to:

      QMSEDX.exe -task="Test/Test.qvw" -qms="GCA009" -variablename="vDWH.ExtractMode" -variablevalues="Delta"

      Both users have a QlikView license, so there is no difference between them.


      The error user B gets is:

      The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Ntlm'



      I would love to hear if anyone has any idea what causes this problem, we would love to start the DWH extraction automated rather than scheduled.


      Thanks in advance,