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    Fill empty field with the value from previous cell

      Hello Community,


      I have created a table that contains Period (Year and Month from 2010 till today).

      For each period I have Project #, Project Description, Project type, Fund Type and PO # (can be multiple PO's for one project).

      The From Another table I join Ending balance for each Project. As ending balance is a calculation of beginning balance and PO amount the record will be added only on date when the PO has been created (Please see image below)



      So what I would like to do is to populate all the fields that are below the ending balance with the ending balance amount until the next populated filed.

      I am trying the following code but it only populate the one next row after the balance amount

      load *, if(Len(Trim(Ending_Balance)) = 0,peek(Ending_Balance),Ending_Balancet) as PREnding_Balance

      resident BalanceReport2

      order by POnum, ProjectID,ProjectDesc,ProjectType,FundType,Periods;

      drop table BalanceReport2;

      Pleas help...