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    Mashup objects load inconsistently - qlik.openApp is not a function

    Mark Wallington



      I am creating mashup pages and deploying them on QlikSense server (3.0).


      We are facing the issue that the mashup pages are sometimes not loading any of the Qlik objects when the page is opened. The full structure of the HTML will load, but the Qlik objects do not load at all. The current selections bar does not appear either, so it is like it is not able to establish the connection with the app / engine at all.


      However, after clicking refresh a few times (same network connection etc) then the objects will eventually load with no issues. There seems no pattern to the number of refreshes needed, apart from issues seeming to occur more often with larger apps.


      Below is a snip of the console message. The 'qlik.openApp is not a function' error is what appears in the case when the app won't load.


      After seeing some other threads, I tried updating the waitSeconds parameter in the require.config to 0 but this didn't fix the issue.


      Attached the full js file being used.