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    server windows 2012 R2 standard with latest Qlikview and Nprinting

    Zhihong He

      Hi, all,


      We currently run Qlikview 11.20. SR12, and Nprinting on Windows server 2008 R2 Standard.


      We recently plan to setup our new server to windows 2012 R2 standard, and will update to latest Qlikview 12 and Nprinting 17.


      But as this related to a lot of update,my plant is:


      step 1. Update the Qlikview to 12. SR05 and nprinting to 17.02 in our old windows 2008 R2 Standard server. Check the performance

      step 2. Move and migrate all in new Windows 2012 R2 standard.


      When I am checking the download for Qlikview 12.00, I see there are only 2 download:

      1. "windows x86 (32bit)"

      2. "windows x64 (64bit)"

      But no

      3. "windows 2012 (64bit)"

      4. "windows 8 (64bit)" ,

      which are used for Server 2012 in Qlikview 11.20.


      May I know dose this means that 1 and 2 download also for windows server 2012?


      Thanks very much