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    Out of Calculation Memory

    Mark Ritter

      This error is showing up in the Sessions Details sheet of the Operations Monitor provided by Qlik Sense.

      We have made no modifications to this app.


      There is only 3 months of data.  If I filter on 1 or 2 months the error goes away.  If I try to see all 3 months I get the error.


      Anyone else have this problem?


      We are running QS 3.1.1

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          Thomas Cybucki

          I just ran into this problem too, not a lot of data in the table where it just won't load


          Edit: This has been happening since we updated to 3.1. We were running 2.0 prior to this and not experiencing the problem.


          Now it is happening everytime we load up any app with a table with what seems to be more than 1000 rows. You see every table attempting to calculate for several minutes:Capture.JPG

          After 10-15 minutes, it gives up. This is a major problem for us as we are about to deploy production Apps to our operation, and we are only experiencing this issue since we updated to 3.1 last week. We were running tables with hundreds of thousands of rows, with fairly little issue, but now I can't load a couple thousand. I cannot navigate the filter panes because the dimension choices will not even show up, so now we have no data loading.


          Nothing has changed in our Qlik Sense Server set up within the past week. We have had Qlik Sense Server deployed for a year and a half, and this issue rarely appeared. Is there any reason why this would be occurring?

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            Kaushik Solanki



            It may be because the RAM is not sufficient to load the data, increase the RAM and check.


            If Issue still exists, contact Qlik Support and log the ticket.



            Kaushik Solanki