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    Problems importing dates from an excel file



      I tried to import dates from an excel file to Qlikview using the wizard. However, the wizard loads or shows the dates in a numeric format and not in its original format('MMM-YY'). So, what can I do to solve this problem?

      * Is it possible to use a format conversion function to change the numerical format representation to a normal representation?

      * Is it possible to sum the number of days(or numeric format for dates) to the '01/01/1900' and get the real date?

      I'm using qlikview version 9. Thanks beforehand for your help.

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          Martina Brenner


          one question, is the date in Excel a date or a text? Normally QV import a datefield even as a datefield and that means it is a number. In format numbers you can than change back to a dateformat.

          Otherwise QV can interpret even textfields into a datefield using the function date#(...).

          Ofcourse you can add dates, sometimes you have to use the function num(...) to change back from a dateformat to a numberformat.