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    Error opening shared apps

    Emma Aitken

      Hi there


      I am new to Qlik and am having some difficulty sharing an app via Qlik Cloud.


      I have uploaded and published the app to my shared stream and have shared access with our client. When our client clicks on the app, a separate tab opens but the app takes a long time to load and eventually the tab closes with an error message in red saying the app can't be accessed and to try again later. The client is then returned to the 'My shared cloud' page.


      This seems to be a problem with one app in particular, as I have shared a different app with no problems.


      Does anyone know why this is happening and what the solution is? Is it related to the app size?


      Thanks in advance



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          Vegar Lie Arntsen

          Could it be a corrupt file? Are you able to access the file/app in Qlik cloud?


          Try removing the section access if your app contains that.




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              Emma Aitken

              Hi Vegar


              Thanks for your reply. I don't think that the file is corrupt (though I have insufficient knowledge to tell!) - I don't see any error messages from my end when I upload the app and I can view it with no problems. Is there any other way to tell if the app is corrupt? It does not contain any section access.


              I should also mention that the error doesn't always occur. Our client can currently view the app but was not able to view it yesterday.


              Our IT support identified the following server error, does this help at all?