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    NPrinting 16 emailing inconsistent behavior

    Steve Lord

      Hi, I'm using nprinting 16, and have one list of recipients for two report tasks in a job. Both tasks have the same recipients on them, send email is checked, a plain text message is written into each.  One attaches a small xlsx file to each person's copy of that email, and I have the other set not to attach anything.  I was receiving the email with the attachment, but a colleague was not.  None of us seem to have received the email without the attachment.  Both reports are saving successfully to our network drive.  NPrinting runs the two tasks in the job successfully with 0 errors or warnings noted - including emails successfully sent to all of us.


      I've deleted and recreated the recipients and tasks, a few times, tried different capitalization and alternate email addresses we have on file.  I switched the order of recipients around, checked a gazillion times for typos.  So far I managed to make the email no longer reach my inbox, failed to get it back when I reverted that change, then got the email to reappear when I went to another variation of my email address.  I'm saving changes, closed and reopened between variations.  Colleague is home for the night so can't confirm if I fixed the first email for them, but I had 0 success getting that second email to appear in my inbox.  I'm about to tear down the whole nsq and rebuild it from scratch, but the reports are generating and saving fine on network drives, just the email behavior is baffling me.


      Interestingly, I have another report job that nobody's had any problems receiving email attachments.  And there was another where 1 of the 4 recipients wasn't getting the email, and that resolved itself when I switched their email to all lower case letters... (?!) ...but could be the act of removing/replacing/resaving forced it.  Because the email capitalization is not having any affect on this last job's emails (at least not the one without the attachment - will confirm if colleagues are receiving the one with the attachment.).


      I have no clue what the issue actually was with the other tasks' email delivery, and now the holdout seems to be the one where I don't want to attach the report to the email. (It was a big file and added 10 minutes to the run time when I attached it, so I don't want to attach it.)  I don't think anyone's outlook security settings would let one email through with an attachment but block another email from the same source to the same recipient just without an attachment, and both having only plain text messages with some info about where copies of the files are saved.


      What am I missing?