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    Dynamic excel sheet with Predefined Formatting in NPrinting 17.2

    Benazir Salma Jamin



      I have the following requirement. I have 9 Categories and 10-20 subcategories in each of them.

      1. I need to create one sheet with tables for each category.



      2. I need to create sheets for 4 fixed categories, with tables for their sub categories. And another sheet with remaining categories.



      For these I have the above  format.

      I have tried using Levels, however this hampers formatting.


      Overall I have near about 100 tables.  I can make the report, if can create all the tables hard-coded using set analysis.

      Even this does not keep the source template format. I have to format the tables manually. Moreover for any addition or change in category/Subcategory I would have to modify tables in App. 


      Is there a way to create these tables dynamically keeping formats?