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    If Function not working for one field

      Hi, this is a very strange one we've encountered.  We have a basic if statement, that for one specific field, for only 3 records (out of about 100k) it fails.  So for example;


      If([Product Class] = 'X', [Gender - 1],

      If([Product Class] = 'Y', [Gender - 2], 'FALSE'))


      For every case of Product Class = X, it returns Gender 1 field correctly.  For 99% of Y Product Class, it correctly returns Gender 2 field.  However, for 3 records with Product Class Y, it returns "FALSE."  Where things get very odd, though, is if I change the formula to be any other field besides Gender 2, it returns the correct value for those 3 records.


      So it resorts to FALSE, saying the second If Statement is false, specifically ONLY for the Gender - 2 field.  Any other field, or if we hard-code it, it comes back as True and provides the correct value.


      Can anyone think of a reason why this would be happening?