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    Pull in Operations Monitor data into a separate app

    Hannah Cozad



      Is there a way to pull in the same data that is used in the Operations Monitor app into a separate app? We have a dashboard where we want to add a "Usage Statistics" sheet that will show the below information. This information is currently in the Operations Monitor app. Is there an easy way to use or pull the same data, but just for the specific app needed?


      Total Duration (hours)
      Session Count
      Avg Duration (hours)
      Total Selections
      Average Selections
      Last Accessed date




        • Re: Pull in Operations Monitor data into a separate app
          Dave Vernon

          Hi Hannah,


          Sorry I have only just seen this, but you can do this by using the .QVD that the Operations Monitor app writes to. I did this, starting by reviewing the loadscript for Operations Monitor (duplicated). You may need to grant your account access to the internal data connections (be careful not to grant this access to everyone).


          You will see that QlikSense has Rest Connector that accesses the QRS and imports information and that there is a subroutine "sessionSummary" that processes it (conveniently in a tab called "SUB sessionSummary"). You just need to add these two to your app to pull in the data in question.


          Kind Regards,