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    Basic for...next loop in script, but can't make it to work

    christian thies

      Hi everyone. I'm Christian, a Qlik newbie, and this is my first question

      I have several days in a qvd file, have no problems to obtain maximun and minimun dates, and number of days between that dates


      What I want to do is a loop that goes from 0 to that number of days. But I'm making something wrong. The loop always exits because of the 'if' condition rather than 'for' condition.


      What I'm doing worng? Thanks in advance




      min(Date(Floor(FechaAlta))) as minimo,

      max(Date(Floor(FechaAlta))) as maximo,

      max(Date(Floor(FechaAlta)))-min(Date(Floor(FechaAlta))) as dias

      Resident carga;


      LET vDiasInFile = 'dias';

      LET vPasesInFile = 0;


      for vI = 0 to '$(vDiasInFile)'

      vPasesInFile = vPasesInFile + 1;


      IF vI >= 10 then

      EXIT For;



      NEXT vI