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    Reducing data before it reaches an extension

      Hi all,


      So I have a simple extension I've written and tested with limited data (about 500 rows). Now I need to run it in a QVW file with about 150k rows. I'm wonder if there's a way that the row data can be reduced before it reaches the extension. And then if the extension can alter the script to display different sets of data, for example:


      Given I have a set of data with columns are:


      A, B, C, D, E, F


      And let's say that I have 150k rows in this fashion, I want to say "Ok Qlikview, when the extension loads for the first time only give it rows where E == null". Then, in the extension I want the ability to change that query, almost bind a variable to the query so that should the user press a button, the variable could be set to "foo" so that the query would be "E == $variable", for example.


      Does that make sense? Is that possible? How else can extensions handle large amounts of data without crashing?


      Thanks again.