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    How do I clear old data from QV memory?

      Hello!  I currently load my desktop version of QV with flat excel files each week, these files are incremental in order to build historical data load points.  However, recently my company migrated from one source system to another and some old field criteria has been changed.  They wanted this new criteria to reflect in the historical data as well as the new data loads.  For example; previous naming category was Ops but now Operations so now both Ops and Operations appear in the QV selection fields, even though the old historic data has been overwritten in excel to state Operations.  How do I make QlikView drop the old data and only reflect the new data loads?

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          John Witherspoon

          I'm not clear what you're asking.


          If you just want to get rid of all the old data, then delete the QVD, and hopefully your script is written such that if there's no QVD, it doesn't attempt to concatenate the records from the QVD. If it's not written that way, change the script so that it is written that way.


          If you want to fix the old data, I would typically do this with a full reload instead of an incremental reload. But I don't know if the old Excel files exist, and it may not be practical to fix them. If they don't even exist, I'm unhappy with that, because I don't think QlikView should ever be the system of record. I think that any data that exists in QlikView should exist somewhere else as well. If they exist but are impractical to fix, you could do the replacements for any data that's wrong found during your full reload.


          You could also write a one time script that loads in all the data from the QVD with your replacements, then saves it all back to QVD. But you'd have trouble if you ever needed to do a full reload. You'd need to rerun your "one time" script as well.

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              Thanks for your response John!  To clarify, QV is not being used as my source of record, we have other systems for that we are just using it as a dashboarding/ scorecard tool.  So, I have an excel file that has 12 months of data that is used for specific metric calculations, I went through the excel file and replaced all the naming conventions to reflect the new names, ie.. Operations from Ops and I did what I thought was a full reload by simply clicking on the Reload button.  Is there another way to do a full reload?  Here is just a sample of what my Load Table looks like, it's pretty basic.  The Field CCB Controls LOB is the fields where I replaced the criteria names.

              LOAD [As of Date],
              Date([As of Date],'M/D/YYYY') as [Load Date],
              Month([As of Date]) as [Load Month],
              [CCB Controls Enterprise],
              [CCB Controls LOB],
              [CCB Controls RAU],
              [CCB Controls Level4],
              [MGR 2_Logic] as [LOB CEO],
              [MGR 3_Logic] as [SUB-LOB CEO],
              [MGR 4_Logic] as [SUB-LOB CEO-1],
              [MGR 5_Logic] as [SUB-LOB CEO-2]
              [..\DataSources\CCB Portfolio Qlikview Data_Monthly_FORCE.xlsx]
              ooxml, embedded labels, table is M_Issues_AP);