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    tricky date condition in set analysis

    Aniruddhya Dutta

      Hi All,


      I am using a expression in set analysis where I want to show the cumulative sum of alert_count for  the present hour,present-1,present- 2 hour .here the variables $v2, $v3 and $v4 are calculating as hours.This is coming as fine



      RangeSum(Above(Sum({$< Hour_link={'$(v2)','$(v3)','$(v4)'}>} ALERT_Count),0,RowNo()))







      But the problem is that I want to have my chart selected for the max date  for which I used


      RangeSum(Above(Sum({$< Hour_link={'$(v2)','$(v3)','$(v4)'},Dates={'$(v5)'}>} ALERT_Count),0,RowNo()))


      max date.PNG

      my variable i.e $v5 is fetching as expected date which is the maximum of my data set.I just wanted to use that condition Dates=$v5

      in my database datatype of Dates filed is date only.

      max date.PNG

      can someone please help me out!