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    Dynamic Time Bands| SET Analysis

    Kunal Verma

      Hi All,




      I am working on a dashboard that gets refreshed 2 minutes.
      It has a time stamp field apart from other dimensions.


      One of my sheet contains line charts, bar charts with fields and dimensions showing data of last 60 minutes only. I have used  if condition in the script to create a field which tells if the record lies in last 60 minutes and then used set analysis to control the charts on this sheet.

      Now, I want is a dropdown on  sheet with the following values:
      1) Last 5 minutes

      2) Last 10 minutes

      3) Last 30 minutes.


      So that the charts on the sheet display data of last X minutes only.
      Please guide as I don't want to create multiple sheets (one for last 10 minutes, one for last 30 minutes) with the same visualizations but data constrained by set analysis accordingly. 


      In other words, how can I use 1 set analysis condition that helps me control data  of the selected time (say last minute)

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          Jyothish KC

          Hi Kunal,


          Create one more field using if condition which tells which data is older that 5 mins,10 mins and 15 mins. Use these values like flags.


          Call this field as Duration.

          Then you can use this field in UI also as drop down. In this case a simple expression will do work for you since automatic association will be created in the back end.




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            Shraddha Gajare

            You can use of Alternate Measure in the same chart. It will allow user to select in the same chart.


            Another way of using Qlik Branch extension.

            Create buttons for

            1) Last 5 minutes

            2) Last 10 minutes

            3) Last 30 minutes using variables.


            Use that variable in to change measure according to selected button