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    Funnel Conversion rates

    Rocío Sánchez Ruiz

      Hi all,


      I'm working with users behaviour data in an app and I'd like to get analytic information related to the conversion of the users into the different events.

      The data I have is as follow:


      User IDEventSuccess / FailTimeStamp
      1Launch the app-2016-11-02 11:30:45
      1Register in the appFail2016-11-02 11:31:30
      1Register in the appSuccess2016-11-02 11:32:58
      1Select something-2016-11-02 11:35:22
      2Launch the app-2016-11-02 13:21:10
      2Register in the appSuccess2016-11-02 13:21:30
      2select something-2016-11-02 13:22:00
      2Add somethingSuccess2016-11-02 13:23:45
      3Launch the app-2016-11-02 13:30:02
      3Register in the appFail2016-11-02 13:31:02
      3Register in the appFail2016-11-02 13:32:04
      3Register in the appFail2016-11-02 13:32:43
      3Close the app-2016-11-02 13:32:45
      4Launch the app-2016-11-03 09:20:55
      4Register in the appFail2016-11-03 09:21:59
      4Register in the appSuccess2016-11-03 09:23:01
      4Select something-2016-11-03 09:23:55
      4Add somethingFail2016-11-03 09:24:08
      5Launch the app-2016-11-03 10:55:45
      5Register in the appSuccess2016-11-03 11:00:01
      5Select something-2016-11-03 11:05:09
      5Add somethingFail2016-11-03 11:10:13
      5Add somethingSuccess2016-11-03 11:15:15
      6Launch the app-2016-11-04 20:14:05
      6Add somethingSuccess2016-11-04 20:14:45


      And I'd like to get "Who of those users that launched the app went into successfully registered in the app, and of these users that successfully registered in the app, who went into select something, and of these users who went into successfully add something in less than 5 minutes."


      In this case the answer is 2, as only user 2 completed flow in less than 5 minutes. So 16% of users who launched the app ended up the entire flow.


      And the next question is "Who of those users that failed on registering in the app fo on to successfully register within 1 day" In this case the answer is user 1 and 4. So 33% of users who failed registering in the app go on to successfully register within 1 day.


      What I mean is to get the typical funnel conversion with Qlik Sense expressions.


      Resultado de imagen de funnel conversion


      Thanks in advance!