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    Single database for all Section access or built in each.

    Dale Borchardt

      what is the best practice if you are going to maintain many QlikView applications? Do I put the section access table in the database for each application of should I use a central database for all my apps?

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          Peter Cammaert

          Do you mean one separate section access table for every document, or a single section access table to manage permissions for all documents?


          AFAIK there's not so much as a best practice for this. Your first approach offers flexibility and efficiency because you can adapt your SA-in-SQL-table 100% to the needs of each and every document. The second approach caters for a uniform & generalised Permissions system that puts some restrictions on what you are allowed t odo in Section Access, but on the other hand you won't need more than one custom (e.g. web based) app to manage permissions for hundreds of documents. And the security mechanism is straightforward and simple to explain. Whilme in the first case, you'll have a different security setup for each document.


          I would go for the second approach (as I frequently do in customer projects) because of being easier to maintain.