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    Date formatting problem

      I am trying to format dates (please see my example source file)


      In my script I have the following statement:

      Alt(Date#([Creation date], 'M/D/YYYY h:mm'),

      Date#([Creation date], 'D/M/Y hh:mm:ss'),

      Date#([Creation date], 'M/D/YYYY')

      ) as [Creation date]


      I tryed to use this without success:

      Alt( Timestamp#([Creation date],'M/D/YYYY h:mm tt'),

        Timestamp#([Creation date],'D/M/YYYY H:mm:ss'),

        Date#([Creation date],'M/D/YYYY'),

        Date#([Creation date],'m/d/YY'),

        Date#([Creation date],'D/M/YYYY'),

        Date#([Creation date],'YYYYMMDD'),

        Date#([Creation date],'DD.MM.YYYY'),

        Date#([Creation date],'YYYY-MM-DD')

        ) as [Creation date], 


      In the dashboard I am receiving some dates properly calculated, but the ones that have time stamp for some reason are ignored:


      Where Is my mistake?


      Thanks in adavance