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    Near real time dashboard possible?

    Tommy Du

      I need to create a dashboard to be refreshed near real time, let's say every 5 minutes, is it possible in Qlik Sense? Data is only pulled for today, so volume will not be big. I know there is a way to do it in QlikView and there are plenty of discussions before in the community.


      A few questions I have in my mind,

      1. Is it ok to refresh if the document is opened by users?

      2. Will users see the updated data after the refresh is done?


      I am also thinking of using Direct Query, but the response does not look good, the underlying database is Oracle.

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          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

          Yes you can refresh the data by assigning your own time.

          Use 'Triggers' in QMC HUB. You'll need to create a new view in your db for this with the schema where the other views are available,  and it will refresh your extract qvd or data model.

          You can also do Incremental load.


          I think If there is traffic on your HUB then it won't effect the user view and he will see old data unless he refresh the browser after your data is refreshed.


          I've never personally done in Sense but this is possible in Qlik view and you have same 'Trigger' option in QMC HUB as well.

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            ELim Leung

            Yes. it is possible via direct discovery.


            Dimension is preloaded into QVW while fact data is directly flash from Oracle.

            Following is the link for detail



            Direct Discovery ‒ QlikView

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              Rod Stewart

              Hi Tommy,


              Thought I'd offer a more complete answer than my previous comment. Near real-time is entirely possible via the normal load process depending on data volumes and what is acceptable as "near" realtime. If data volumes are large incremental loads to QVD files should be considered which will speed things up. It is entirely OK to refresh/reload an app that is currently in use and users will see the new data as soon as it is loaded without having to perform any manual intervention such as a browser refresh.


              One way of achieving a near real-time update is to set up a reload task with triggers such that the app is continuously reloaded. There's a couple of ways to do it but in my testing I setup a "Once-only" trigger and then a "Task event" trigger that fires on completion of the load task.This way once I start the task and it complete it will then trigger itself on an ongoing basis via the task event trigger. Note that in setting it up you need to create the once-only trigger and then save the task before you can go back into it and create the task-event trigger, otherwise you won't see the task in the trigger task list.


              Hope all that makes sense.





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                Hi Tommy,


                I have tried with Qlikview not Qliksens and it may be possible with QlikSense.


                Yes, user can refresh their transactional data by refreshing the browser (F5) or doing some activity to get the data from source directly. (It happens from access point).


                Thank you..Ravi Kancharla

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                    Rod Stewart

                    Hi Kancharia,


                    Sorry, but you are incorrect. You don't need to refresh the browser at all. Data refreshed through a reload will update in the browser without the user needing to do anything. See my earlier response above.





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                        Hi Rod,


                        Thanks for your suggestion but you can't suggest in that way and that is not right way to suggest the community people.


                        1. If the document takes more than 60 sec to refresh time that time what you do ?

                        2. If the user is evaluating or testing if you enable 10 sec then he/she will loose their track of analysis.


                        I hope you understand the critical issues on real time analysis..


                        Thank you..Ravi Kancharla

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                            Rod Stewart

                            Sorry Kancharia, perhaps I should have been clearer, you don't need to refresh the browser with Qlik Sense. With QlikView you have a few options as to how you want the refresh to occur. I answered in this was as the OPs question was regarding Qlik Sense. To address your other points:


                            1. The method I've suggested results in a continuous refresh, I've tested it with loads that take 1 sec or less and it is effective, so I'm not sure what you are asking. It is simple to slow this to a 5 minute refresh as per the OPs requirement.

                            2. I totally agree, if the user is attempting to complete some form of analysis and the numbers keep changing it would be impossible! There are use-cases however where continuous refresh is desirable and one such use-case was the scenario I was testing for. In most use-cases however I expect that having the data appear static for a period would be preferable such that users can perform useful analysis, as in the OPs question.


                            I hope you understand the basic definitions of real-time and near real-time. Qlik Sense and in fact any system that needs to query data in batch form, can not by definition be "real-time". Unfortunately the term is greatly misused and misunderstood.


                            It's a shame you were offended by my correction of what you said. I think it was important to correct what you said as misinformation such as was implied by your comment leads to confusion and will only harm the users of community. By your own admission "I have tried with Qlikview not Qliksens " whereas my testing was with Qlik Sense Enterprise.