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    QV integration with sharepoint


      I have integrated Qlikview in sharepoint 2010. When I try to add a QV Datasource it throwsa an error "Could not connect to localhost"

      Can you please help me understand what could be cause of this problem



        • QV integration with sharepoint
          Ashfaq Mohammed

          Hi Karthik,


          did you resolved this issue.

          I have the same problem.

          Your Inputs will be helpful for me.




            • QV integration with sharepoint


              I was not able to complete my testing on this. But for integrating QV on sharepoint you should have enterprise licensing or an extended sharepoint integration license with Small Business Version.

              I had 2 different servers for testing this out. one server had sharepont installed in it and the other had QV

              Please try this in an environment where QV and Sharepoint is present in same server

              Let me know your inputs



              N S