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    Cumulative Sales Reference Line



      I created a line chart with a dimension for day of sales transaction day([mydatefield]) and a measure for the cumulative sales.  what i would like to have in the chart is a reference line that is also a cumulative line across the days of the month.  this would be used to compare the pace of actual sales vs the rate to meet the monthly goal.


      i have tried a few expression in the reference line expression area but all have failed.  would anyone know a way to accomplish this?



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          Rupam Das

          can you share your app

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hi Matt,


            I believe the reference line feature is just for a straight line that can be hard-coded or calculated to represent a single value. You may need to use a Combo chart with another calculated expression measure to perform as the reference line. Take a look at this thread where the request is similar - where they are using the calculated measure to plot a trend line:


            How to add lineal trend in Qlik sense


            Let me know if this puts you in the right direction.


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            Mike Tarallo