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    SPECIAL CASE Need help with salesman analysis


      I am hoping someone can give me some guidance here.

      All of my data is loaded from one ascii file into qlikview resulting in one table.

      It is a transaction file of invoices and includes all the little details of each invoice.

      If we have more then one person that works on a sale, they each will get a percentage of credit for the sale.

      In this table, the main salesman is called SLM-1 and the secondary salesman is SLM-2. So there are two fields for Salesman but they are duplicates.

      On one transaction, "John" can be SLM-1, and on another transaction "John" could be the SLM-2.

      The dollar value allocated to SLM-1 and SLM-2 will differ on each sale.

      Now my issue is, I want to be able to select "John" from a listbox and have his overall totals display (SLM-1 sales +SLM-2 sales).

      Does anybody know how I can go about doing this?