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    some troubles about installing qlik sense on win7

      recently,I need to install qlik sense on win7.After I finish the install,I try to

      click the Qlik Mnaager Console icon,but there are some errors.The google chrome say that

      "You are not allowed to access the Internet (ERROR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED)" or say that

      "The page does not exist(404 Not Found)",or say refuse my connection

      (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED).(because I have installed for many times,so there are diffrent response)



      The installation package name is Qlik_Sense_setup.exe.when in installing,I choose

      full setup and choose the central type and then input the database password.And then

      in the Service credentials page,I enter the username and password,and then choose the

      host name it automatically dispalyed.after I install it,there was two icon.on is qmc another

      is hub.

      I did not know what wrong,I really hope someone can help me!