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    Help on loading data from Excel

    amit goenka

      Hi All,

      As I dig deeper in QlikView, I find a growing interest and several questions regarding the same.

      I have to develop a prototype dashboard which has several charts - each chart having a table with a few (<10) rows. The underlying data model is maintained in Excel.

      Now, one way of doing this is - having a separate worksheet per table, which increases the number of sheets. Is there a way to maintain several small tables in a single Excel worksheet (one tab of an Excel spreadsheet) and load it in QlikView? This may seem non-standard and against design principles, but suffices for the prototype development requirements and increases maintainability.

      Second requirement is regarding breaking the associative linking in QlikView. One way of doing it by changing the column names, but are there other ways of doing it?

      Third requirement - any guide on best practices in QlikView?